KUSv3 Emissions

KUSv3 emissions are rewards that are distributed to liquidity providers. The amount of KUSv3 a liquidity pool receives is proportional to the votes it receives from veKUS holders.


Fees are distributed to voters of a liquidity pools in proportion to the voting power they used to vote for that pool.

The fees are in the form of the token pair. If you vote for KUSv3-wKCS for example, you will get the fees in the form of KUSv3 and KCS.

These rewards are claimable as they accrue.


Bribes are external rewards from anybody that could be added to whitelisted pools and are distributed to the voters of those pools. This can be used to incentivize liquidity.


Rebases are distributed to veKUS holders in order to reduce their voting power dilution. These are available for claiming as they accrue.

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