As mentioned in Whitelisting, in order to get an active gauge, a token requires whitelisting. Partners will all have various gauges for the tokens of their ecosystems on a token by token based consideration.

Fees and Gauge-less LPs

Trading fees from LPs that are not granted gauges are sent to the treasury. Once a gauge is produced, all fees going forward will be sent as bribe to voters. Because of this, it is recommended that projects attempt to follow Whitelisting.

Future Partners

At Genesis, we have whitelisted our genesis partners, however we do hold in reserve veKUS NFTs for future partner protocols. Negotiations with potential projects will distinguish how they can get an veNFT. That being said, some ideas of the type of requirement for future partners would be:

  • A requirement to bribe some gauges, their own or core.

  • A token swap

  • Integrations

  • Marketing campaigns

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