Convert KUS to KUSv3

The Convertor allows users to seamlessly upgrade their KUS tokens to KUSv3 tokens. This is a 1:1 conversion, meaning you will receive exactly one KUSv3 token for every KUS token you convert.

How to convert?


  1. Approve: Allow the KuSwap v3 smart contract to interact with your KUS tokens.

  2. Convert: Initiate the conversion transaction in the KuSwap v3 interface.

  3. Receive: Automatically receive KUSv3 tokens in your wallet upon successful transaction confirmation.


  • Wallet holding KUS tokens.

  • Sufficient gas fees for the conversion transaction.


  • The conversion is irreversible; you cannot convert KUSv3 back to KUS.

  • The conversion takes place in the same transaction, ensuring immediate token upgrade.


No additional fees are incurred during the conversion process except for the gas fees required to facilitate the transaction on-chain.

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