Why Bribe?

In most cases, a partner project will be the entity that is bribing. However, this doesn't have to be the case. Any user that wishes can create a bribe to incentivize the voting for any pair that has a gauge. KuSwap will even use a portion of their KUSV3 earned every week to bribe select pools. Bribing voters who vote to direct emissions of oKUSv3 can significantly increase oKUSv3 rewards to the pool that receives the bribe.

Benefits for Bribers

  1. Trading Fees and Bribes Back: Holding oKUSv3 allows you to reclaim trading fees and bribes.

  2. Claim oKUSv3 Emissions: Bribers with protocol-owned liquidity can claim oKUSv3 emissions.


Once an epoch flips, any bribe that are owed to a voter, are immediately claimable. To claim simply go to the Rewards page, choose the NFT that voted, and your claimable bribes will appear.

Auto Bribe

To make bribing more easy for projects, they can request an autoBribe contract to be created. Auto Bribe allows projects to deposit a selection of tokens in different quantities and designate a period over which these bribes will be dispersed.

Distributing the Auto Bribes

Any chain to a blockchain required that gas is spent and a transaction is called. There are not automatic changes. Usually these sort of needs are dealt with by bots (aka keepers) that have gas money and call functions for projects at some set times.

With the autoBribe contracts, instead, we decided to give this opportunity to the community. On the Bribe page, you will find a series of buttons. On a weekly basis, these buttons will become active for the community to call and send project bribes. They can only be called once each! To compensate individually that successfully call these function. 0.5% of the bribe amount will be gifted to the caller.

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