Migrating v2 LP Tokens to v3

Migrate your liquidity from KuSwap.finance to v3.KuSwap.finance

Step 1

Go to KuSwap Migration page: https://app.kuswap.finance/#/migrate

Select the LP pair you want to withdraw and click on "Withdraw LP"

Step 2

Click on "Remove LP from V2", and remove your LP tokens from V2

Convert your KUS to KUSv3 Convert KUS to KUSv3

Step 3

Click on "Add LP to v3" or click here

Migrating v2 LP Tokens to v3

Step 1: Convert KCS to wKCS

Since KUSv3 is paired with WKCS, you will have to wrap your KCS before adding liquidity.

Select KCS to WKCS on the swap page

Follow the instructions to wrap your KCS tokens into wKCS.

Step 2: Deposit and Stake LP Tokens

  1. Click on the "Manage" button.

  1. Input the amount of KUSv3 tokens you wish to deposit into the LP.

  1. Click on the "Deposit and Stake" button to finalize the transaction.

After completion, navigate back to the "Manage" section in the "Liquidity" area to verify that your staked amount is displayed correctly.

For any technical issues or further questions, you can open support ticket here: https://discord.gg/TquaZ2K6C2

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